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If you want to join the B-DNS:

* If you have bind version 4, add
 secondary b CACHE.b 
to your named.boot.

* Bind-9 and above, add
 zone "b" in {                     
type slave;
file "CACHE.b";
masters {; };
to your named.boot

* If you use dnscache, use this:
# echo "" > /service/dnscache/root/servers/b
# svc -t /service/dnscache/

* If you do not wish to run a secondary, you can add
; B-DNS toplevel
b.                       3600000      NS    ns.b.
ns.b.                    3600000      A
to your named.root (the . cache-file)

* Alternatively, you can join TINC, which has added the B Toplevel into it's root-zone file.
Simpy replace your named.root file with the one supplied by them.
* Not running a namesver at all:
Talk to your provider, and ask them to provide the "B-dns" to you. Refer them to this page, if they don't know what to do. Convincing your provider to join B-DNS will get you one free domain, so it's worth it.

Stefan `Sec` Zehl 02.Mar.1998, 19.Oct.2000