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The first software that admits that it is broken - it does not claim that it's the best, newest and vastly improved - multicolored and X based - its just working and surly broken somewhere.
For software to get listed here, it has to adhere to certain standards. Beeing available under the "B Licence" also called "Bolicy" certainly helps, but code unreadability, beeing broken, or some other strangeness might be enough, too. The last decision on including something here is always made by myself.
Nothing here claims to be efficient, but it gets the job done, most of it also is very portable due to the use of perl and /bin/sh.

"The nature of all software is to be inherently broken and non-functional, otherwise it would lose its essential softwareness. Software is not software unless it sucks."
-- Sami Lempinen <f1sale@vuokko.uta.fi>

Stefan `Sec` Zehl 22.Nov.1997, 1.May.2001